Victoria Rhubarb - Small, Medium, & Large Crown Roots

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Victoria Rhubarb - You are buying Crown Roots, 
Choose between small, medium, or large crown roots...

Sold out for 2023- Will reopen for orders in Late August 2023. Shipping will start in October 2023

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Has juicy, stalks with good flavor and is a heavy producer, excellent for commercial purposes. Red and green stalks, one of the newer more intensely colored rhubarbs. It has large, thick, stalks with good productivity, sweet and not tough or stringy. Produces large stalks of excellent quality, long, round with smooth ribs. It develops pink speckling on a light green stalk with the pink color being more intense at the bottom of the stalk, fading to a solid green near the top. We offer crown roots that will grow quickly into large plants. 

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