Giant Sequoia Growing Instructions

 Giant Sequoia Growing instructions

Plant in an area away from buildings... at least 20 feet. Tree can grow to 130 ft in
50 years. Plant in a full sun location. Cover roots, but do not plant any deeper.
Plant in well draining soil. Water to saturate the soil, then allow the soil to dry before
watering again. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer for the first 5-6 years. Add no more
than 30% compost or manure to the soil when planting. Do not plant in waterlogged
soil. If growing in clay soil, also add grit to improve drainage.

Plant in area of low wind. Provide wind protection for young trees, especially in cold
climates. In cold climates mulch with a heavy layer of bark or wood chips in the Fall
to protect roots from freezing. Tips of branches may turn brown in cold weather until
tree is rooted deeply, this is normal and especially true on young trees.

Don't Kill Your Plants with the wrong potting soil or fertilizer!

If growing in a container, do not have a tray under the container.

When planting in containers it is very important to have the right potting soil and
fertilizer, or it will kill your plants.

Potting soil needs to have very good drainage. 30% grit (3/8- Pumice, fine crushed
gravel, course sand, 1/4 decomposed granite or very fine pea gravel). Then add
30% 3/8- fine bark, 20% peat, 10% perlite and 10% garden soil or compost. Do not
use Big Box or Chain Store potting mixes meant for vegetables, annual flowers or
house plants or you will kill your plants with root rot. Even the name brand potting
mixes advertised on TV will kill your plants, they are not designed for strawberries,
raspberries or any plant, shrub or tree that is not an annual.

Fertilizer needs to be low salt. Organic fertilizers like fish, alfalfa, bat guano, kelp,
bone meal and rock phosphate are OK, just keep the nutrients balanced, and watch
the nutrient level so you do not add too much or too little. Do not use "hot organics
like blood meal or fresh chicken manure under 1 year aged. Chemical fertilizers
should say on the label "for container growing". Do not use 10/10/10 or 16/16/16
and similar fertilizers as they are high salt and will burn your plants.

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