Giant Sequoia Growing Instructions

Giant Sequoia trees should be planted in an area away from buildings... at least 20 feet.  Trees can grow to 130 ft in 50 years.

Plant in a full sun location. Cover roots, but do not plant any deeper.

Plant in well draining soil.  Water to saturate the soil, then allow the soil to dry before watering again. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer for the first 5-6 years. Add no more than 30% compost or manure to the soil when planting.

If growing in a container, do not have a tray under the container.

Plant in area of low wind.  Provide wind protection for young trees, especially in cold climates.

In cold climates mulch with a heavy layer of bark or wood chips in the Fall to protect roots from freezing.

Tips of branches may turn brown in cold weather until tree is rooted deeply, this is normal and especially true on young trees.


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