Vaccinium parvifolium Potted Plants - also called Red Huckleberry or Red Whortleberry

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Vaccinium parvifolium also called Red Huckleberry or Red Whortleberry

Hardy in USDA Zone 5-7 and Zone 8 on the West Coast. This native is found from Alaska to California, along the Pacific Coast to the slopes of the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains.

Red Huckleberry grows slowly to 3 wide and 6 ft. Tall.   It is frequently found growing out of decaying logs and on top of rotting stumps.

Red Huckleberry does best in a shaded treed garden in partial shade. Likes a rich organic soil. Leaves turn red in the Fall.  Berries are bright red, looking like bright salmon eggs. A great source of of Vitamin C and has a better flavor than cranberries. Eat berries raw or use in pies, jellies and jams. Can be dried to make a tea with the dried fruit and leaves. Berries are a favorite also with birds and small mammals.

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