Vaccinium ovatum - Evergreen Huckleberry - Tasty Berries, Flower Arrangements

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Vaccinium ovatum - Evergreen Huckleberry  

Evergreen huckleberries, a broadleaf evergreen shrub, native to the Pacific coastal forests offers a beautiful compact shrub and tasty berries. Will be 4 foot tall and wide if grown in full sun and up to 10 foot tall if grown in full shade and not pruned.

Likes an acidic, slightly moist, well drained soil and regular water similar to what blueberries like. Grows in USDA Zones 7-9 and Zone 6 with wind protection.

Small pinkish white flowers emerge in spring, followed by berries that turn red in summer before ripening  to a dark blue-black color in the Fall. Flowers are enjoyed by bees and butterflies. Berries are favorite of humans, birds, and numerous wildlife.

The evergreen leaves and branches are used in floral arrangements and to make huckleberry leaf tea.