Turface - Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium - Pre Screened- No Fines

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Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium


Easy Directions

Follow these simple steps for planting in containers using Hydroponic Growth Medium:

  1. Fill your container with Hydroponic Growth Medium leaving approximately 2 ½ inches from the top free of material.
  2. Carefully remove your plug from the propagation tray and place in the middle of your container on the top of the medium.
  3. Fill around the plug with Hydroponic Growth Medium making sure you have contact with the entire plug.
  4. Rinsing is not necessary, but water immediately to charge the ceramic particles.

 For Ebb-Flow systems:

Fill your container with a volume of Hydroponic Growth Medium proportional to your recirculating pump.

For NFT Systems:

         Total depths of  Hydroponic Growth Medium should be adequate to support and keep root crown above water.

Applications Instructions

It is recommended to use 100%  Hydroponic Growth Medium by volume in the growing mix

For Bonsai soil mixes add Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium 15-50% with your favorite bonsai soil mix,  depending on soil moisture needs.