Turface - Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium - Pre Screened- No Fines

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Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium

Instantly Improves Any Hydroponic System

CHOSEN BY NASA® FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION – Profile porous ceramic particles met the strict requirements of NASA®, and were selected over competitive materials as the ideal hydroponic medium for growing plants in space.


Profile® Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium particles have been tested by several top university agronomic departments including, Ohio State, Purdue and North Carolina State. 

Why it's Better

  • Faster plant growth with less water.

  • Proven to outperform other hydroponic media such as Hydrocorn® and Growstone® which provide less nutrient-holding capacity.

  • Easier hydroponic system management since it will not break down and can be used over and over.

  • Does not need to be rinsed before use.

  • Creates more air space in the root zone. Each particle contains 74% pore space. Holds 93% of its weight in water.

"Calcined clay products by Profile are my first choice for a hydroponic medium for our research and teaching crops. The high CEC, proper pH and water-holding capacity have helped us develop protocols that have been adopted all over the world." - Rob Eddy, Plant Growth Facilities Manager, Purdue University

Hydroponic Growth Medium

Now for the first time, this proven product is available to instantly improve hydroponic environments to help plants thrive. Profile® Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium is engineered from a natural blend of porous ceramic particles, and has been in use for over 50 years. This versatile medium has been extensively researched, tested and widely used by NASA®, horticulturalists, professional landscapers, golf course superintendents and groundskeepers to increase nutrient-holding capacity and oxygen in the root zone.

  • Used by professional growers for high-value crops like tomatoes, orchids and bonsai plants
  • Stores nutrients;  reduces leaching
  • Instantly provides a more balanced environment for stronger roots
  • Particles wick and hold  water internally while  maintaining ideal air space
  • Contains high nutrient-holding capacity enhanced with Zeolite

Profile© Hydroponic Growth Medium is ideal for any system because its unique structure contains thousands of pores that hold water and oxygen in a nearly perfect 50/50 balance.  Used as a growing medium, Profile instantly provides a more balanced environment for healthier roots. Years of research proves the results of adding Profile -- Easier to work hydroponic system, faster plant growth, less watering and makes the root zone extremely forgiving.

Replaces All Other Hydroponic Amendments

Profile is an inorganic hydroponic growth medium engineered from a natural blend of minerals. These minerals are processed and kiln fired to produce a 100% natural ceramic products that are made into a scientifically formulated particle size distribution perfect for growing tomatoes, plants and other vegetables. 

Zeolite is added to further enhance Profile granule’s nutrient holding capacity. Profile outperforms competitive products by balancing air and water, holding more water and storing more nutrients. Profile will permanently improve any hydroponic system and can be reused over and over again.

Easy Directions

Follow these simple steps for planting in containers using Profile Hydroponic Growth Medium:

  1. Fill your container with Profile Hydroponic Growth Medium leaving approximately 2 ½ inches from the top free of material.
  2. Carefully remove your plug from the propagation tray and place in the middle of your container on the top of the medium.
  3. Fill around the plug with Profile Hydroponic Growth Medium making sure you have contact with the entire plug.
  4. Rinsing is not necessary, but water immediately to charge the ceramic particles.


For Ebb-Flow systems:

Fill your container with a volume of Profile proportional to your recirculating pump.

For NFT Systems:

         Total depths of Profile should be adequate to support and keep root crown above water.

Applications Instructions

It is recommended to use 100% Profile by volume in the growing mix

For Bonsai soil mixes add Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium 15-50% with your favorite bonsai soil mix,  depending on soil moisture needs.