Turface - Bonsai Growing Medium - Pre Screened - NO FINES - Ships Free

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Turface - Bonsai Growing Medium -
Pre Screened - NO FINES
... 1/4 inch -1/8inch particle size and a few 1/16 inch
Provides Moisture, Drainage and Plant Support Bonsai Need
     Prescreened, preferred particle size
  • Allows roots to thrive by balancing air and water
  • Drains water quickly
  • pH neutral
  • 100% Natural - Won't break down
  • Retains Nutrients with high CEC

Use as a complete mix for moisture loving plants and mix 50/50 with pumice for plants that need a drier mix.

Over 45 years of professionally proven results... Now available to everyone!

From the manufactures of Turface®, Profile® Products brings you a specially formulated bonsai growing medium. Profile Bonsai Growing Medium features a prescreened, uniform particle size that provides moisture, drainage, aeration, and plant support that your bonsai need. This inorganic medium is a pH neutral ceramic particle that won't break down, retains nutrients and contains thousands of pores that hold water and oxygen in a nearly perfect 50/50 balance. Bonsai growers have come to depend on Profile to help them grow beautiful bonsai trees that can be enjoyed for years!

Photo shows example of a 1 gallon bag.  Quarter is for illustration purposes only and is not included. 

Available in 15 Oz., 10 Cups, 1 gallon, and 3.5 Gallon volumes.
15 oz. quantities are shipped First Class, all other quantities are shipped Priority Mail. 
- Our 10 cup box will fill 1 1/3 trade gallon containers trade gallon containers.

- Our 1 gallon bag will fill 2 trade gallon containers.

- Our 3.5 Gallon box contains 830 cubic inches or over 3.5 gallons liquid measure, or will fill 7 trade gallon containers.