Tropical Raspberry Niveus 'Mysore'-Potted Plants- a prolific fruiting plant- Zones 9-11

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Tropical Raspberry Niveus 'Mysore', is a prolific fruiting plant, native to southern Asia. Also called Ceylon Raspberry and Hill Raspberry. Thriving in warm and humid climates, it grows well in rich, well-drained soil with ample sunlight. A great choice for the South, especially Florida, South Texas and the Golf Coast... USDA Zones 9-11. Will freeze if temps get below 20 degrees.

Suitable for small gardens or large container growing. It features distinctive foliage and produces large, flavorful, sweet and juicy raspberries that are dark red ripening to a purple/black.

Ideal for home gardens, the Raspberry Niveus 'Mysore' is perfect for edible landscaping, adding both visual appeal and practical value. It requires regular watering, especially during fruiting season, and benefits from pruning to encourage healthy growth and abundant fruiting.

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