Sophora prostrata Little Baby Pre Bonsai Trees - Landscape Specimen Shrub

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Sophora prostrata Little Baby Pre Bonsai Trees or Landscape Specimen Shrubs 

This dwarf sophora is an excellent bonsai specimen and great in rock garden and containers. Little Baby is a small, evergreen shrub or small tree 2-5 feet tall and 2-3 foot wide.  Branched, zigzagging stems and very tiny leaves. Grows in USDA zones 8 - 12 or as an indoor plant in colder regions. Likes moist well draining soil. Thrives in part shade, part or full sun when mature.. Orange-yellow flowers in May.

Shipping plants as they develop sufficient roots. Sophora Little Baby plants are difficult to propagate and there is often a waiting list, so shipment might be delayed for orders certain times of year. You are buying a rooted cutting 2 1/2 - 6 inches tall.

If you are planning to plant in a container, we recommend our Sophora Potting Soil Mix.