Sophora Potting Mix

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Sophora Potting Soil Mix. Ideal for Sophora Little Baby,  and any plant needing a fast draining soil mix with a large amount of organic matter.

45% - Medium Fir Bark - 3/8" minus, unscreened.

30% -  3/8" -1/16" Natural Cascade Mountain Volcanic Pumice. Pumice has many tiny gaps or air pockets that allow roots access to oxygen, nutrients and water.

15% - Peat Moss

10% - Perlite

All natural, relatively light weight and very porous. Contains no fertilizer. Slightly acidic pH.

Available in 15 Oz., 10 Cups, 5 Quarts, and 3.5 Gallon volumes. 15 Oz. quantities are shipped First Class, all other quantities are shipped Priority Mail.

- Our 10 cup box will fill 1 1/3 trade gallon containers trade gallon containers.

- Our 5 Quart box will fill 2.5 trade gallon containers trade gallon containers.

- Our 3.5 Gallon box contains 830 cubic inches or over 3.5 gallons liquid measure, or will fill 7 trade gallon containers.

Our potting mix is hand packed and bagged with a reusable tie for easy storage after you have used part of the bag. If your potting mix dries before using, moisten it to keep dust from forming. Dust from any rock or potting soil product should not be inhaled and can be irritating for people with sensitive lungs. 

We are a commercial Wholesale / Retail Plant Nursery with over 25 years mixing specialty potting mixes. Check out our other listings of custom potting mixes to select the perfect mix for your bonsai or specialty plants.