Soil Moist Water Gel polymer granular crystals

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Water Gel polymer granular crystals 

The American made polymer water gel crystals we use in our nursery.

Each crystal absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water when exposed to water. One ounce of water gel will absorb about a gallon of water. A little goes a long way. Safe for humans and pets and environmentally friendly. Helps to improve soil moisture retention.

Available in Fine, Medium and Large crystals
Use any size for adding to soil or potting mix to make a soil that is wetter. Mix into soils, do not use on soil surface.
Use the Fines for root dips when transplanting bare root plants that like wet soils.

When planting Willow trees, Aspen trees, Poplar trees, Birch trees, Coast Redwood and Cottonwood trees dig a hole 3 times the width of the root system, about the size of a 3 gallon container and mix in 1-2 teaspoon to the bottom 3/4 of the hole. The water gel will last 3-5 years, enough time for the trees to establish root systems deep enough to naturalize in their environment. We recommend the Medium or Large crystals for this use.

Do not use on plants that need good drainage, or you will root rot the plants. If not on the list above, do not use. Do not use on Gunnera, Sophora, Juniper, Giant Sequoia, Dawn Redwood, Dogwoods, Blueberry, Kinnikinnick, Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Gooseberry, Currant or Josta plants.

Also can be used for packing plants for shipping, in vegetable and flower gardens, crafts, and watering insects.