Salal - Gaultheria shallon - Ground Cover, Erosion Control, Tasty Berries, Flower Arrangements

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Gaultheria shallon - Salal     

Salal is a broad leaved evergreen shrub found native from Alaska to California at lower elevations under conifer forests. Hardy in zones 7-10. Use as a ground cover, woodland understory, hedge and for erosion control.

Grows in moist acidic, organic rich soil in shade, or full sun. Plant height varies from 2 foot in full sun to 4-10 foot tall in shade. Develops into dense thickets. Plant with rhododendron and ferns. Blooms in late Spring followed by edible black berries in late Summer. Eat berries raw, or make pies and jellies.

Branches are used in flower arrangements. Leaves are eaten by deer and elk and the berries are eaten by squirrels, bear, humans and many songbirds. Hummingbirds like the nectar in the flowers.