River Birch (Betula nigra) Potted Tree -Cinnamon brown, peeling bark and bright yellow fall leaf color.

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River Birch (Betula nigra)- 16-30 inch potted trees - Free Shipping 

River birch is a fast growing native upright oval, deciduous tree with cinnamon brown, peeling bark and bright yellow fall leaf color. Tree trunks have an attractive ragged appearance. Grows fast to 40-60 feet tall. Will grow 3-6 feet per year.

River birch likes wet sites, but will grow well on dryer sites if watered during dry periods.  Thrives on moist, acidic, sandy, or rocky, any well drained soil.  Best in full sun to part sun. Can tolerate heat and flooded conditions, minor drought and is wind resistant.  A native tree found on river and stream banks in Eastern half of US and planted as an ornamental anywhere in USDA Zone 4-9. This birch is the most Bronze Birch Borer resistant birch. Makes a great shade tree, or plant on a stream bank for erosion control. Grouse, turkeys, and small birds eat the plentiful seeds which ripen in Late Spring. Deer and elk browse the foliage. Like Maples, do not prune in Winter or Spring, as sap is running and tree will bleed.

Available as 16-20 inch potted trees. Shipped fully rooted in soil in pot.

and 20-30 inch potted trees. Shipped fully rooted in soil in pot.

Ships with leaves in Spring and Summer and dormant without leaves in Fall and Winter.
Grown in soil less mix.  Pot removed for shipping.

Shipped UPS. Free Shipping to most locations. We can not ship these trees to PO Boxes, AK, HI, APO or US Territories without a freight surcharge.

When you plant, dig the hold wider, but not deeper than the roots of the tree, About the size of a 3 gallon container. Mix in 20% compost.  Put the tree in the hole and water it in well to settle the soil around the roots of the tree. If you live in a hot dry climate add 1-2 teaspoon of water gel to your planting hole, mix well with your soil. The water gel will last 3-5 years, enough time for the trees to establish root systems deep enough to naturalize in their environment. If you have a deer problem, spray new growth with Plantskydd® deer repellant.

We have both SoilMoist water gel and Plantskydd available on our website.