Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry - Thornless - 2 Crops a Year - Potted Plants

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Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry  - a new thorn less blackberry variety from the University of Arkansas primocane breeding program.


Very large purple-black berries with excellent sweetness and flavor.

Disease-resistant thorn less erect canes .

Ability to produce 2 crops a year with proper management.  Will produce berries the year you plant if planted early in the season

Tolerance to heat and humidity. Drought tolerant and cold hardy. Plant in USDA Zones 5-9. Self Pollinating.

Large potted plants produced from tissue culture for disease free starter plants.
Great choice for home gardens, u pick, and farm stands.
U.S. Plant Patent #26,990
Royalty included in price.
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Shipped with leaves in Spring and Summer, and without leaves in Fall and Winter.

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