Ponderosa Pine Seedlings- Pacific and Columbia sub species- Landscape or Bonsai

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Ponderosa pine also known as western yellow pine, yellow pine, bull pine, and blackjack pine. Grown as an ornamental plant in parks, yards and large gardens and as a timber tree on large acreages.  Ponderosa pine is  long-lived and can live up to 400 years old. It is fast growing and can grow 50-100 foot tall with a 30 foot spread in cultivation and larger in the wild.
Grows best in full sun in deep, moist, well drained soil, but is adaptable to a wide range of soil and growing conditions. It is very drought tolerant when roots are established.

We have 2 subspecies of Ponderosa Pine.  These are 6-12 inch seedlings

Pinus ponderosa  or  Pacific ponderosa pine grows from 200 foot elevation to 8000 foot elevation on coastal draining slopes and valleys of mountain ranges in California, Oregon, and Washington.
Pinus ponderosa or Columbia ponderosa pine grows in SE British Columbia, eastern Washington State and Oregon east of the Cascade Range. Also in NE California, NW Nevada, Idaho and east to Helena, Montana.
Mature Ponderosa Pine has a cinnamon-colored thick bark which will survive frequent low-intensity fires. Ponderosa Pine lumber is very versatile and is used for residential and light construction.
Also makes a great bonsai tree.

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