Pinus strobiformis, Southwestern white pine or Mexican White Pine- Landscape or Bonsai

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Pinus strobiformis (Southwestern White Pine or Mexican White Pine), is native to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Southwest Colorado, but will grow as far north at New York. It also does well in the Central States of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, the Dakota's, and the Pacific Northwest.

Ideal uses are Windbreaks, Wildlife Habitat, Christmas Trees, Ornamental Trees, and Bonsai Trees. 
Will grow to 40- 90 foot tall. Likes full sun. Southwestern white pine is tough, drought and heat tolerant once established. Will survive in dry, rocky slopes in areas of high pH. Is more drought and heat tolerant than Eastern white pine.

Also is popular as a bonsai tree because they are hardy and very trainable.

If you are planning to plant in a container for a season, we recommend our Quick Draining Potting Soil Mix.

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