Pink Princess Escallonia - Escallonia x exoniensis 'Fradesii'

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Pink Princess Escallonia 
Escallonia x exoniensis 'Fradesii'

An fast growing upright, compact evergreen shrub with glossy, deep green foliage. 

Makes a nice background plant or hedge, but also an excellent specimen. Responds well to pruning. Grows to 4-6 foot wide and 6 foot tall if not pruned. Can be maintained at 3 feet tall with pruning. Has dark green foliage and pink blossoms. Blooms from Spring to Fall. Attractive to birds and butterflies. Deer Resistant. Grows in USDA Zones 7-10. Salt spray tolerant for coastal areas. Likes moist loamy soil. Plant in full sun or part shade.

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Grown in soil less mix, we can ship to all states. Shipped Priority Mail.