Picea pungens, Colorado Blue Spruce Seedlings

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Picea pungens, Colorado Blue Spruce Seedlings

6 inch-12 inch seedlings

Is one of the most popular evergreens. Featuring silver blue-green needles, and a slow to medium growth rate of 12" to 24" per year. Grows in a columnar, pyramidal shape to 50-75 feet tall and 10-20 wide in the landscape. Prefers 1/2 day to full sun 

Easily maintained. Water first year until established and then only in times of severe drought.

Adapts well to acidic, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, well-drained and clay soils.  Will withstand cold and wind and is tolerant to short term flooding and drought.
Native to Colorado an higher elevations of the Southwest. Grows in USDA Zones 2-7, and USDA Zone 8 on the West Coast.

This spruce provides food and shelter for a wide variety of birds. Also an ideal choice for a Christmas tree. Makes a good windbreak when planted in a row, or plant alone as a specimen tree.

Seedlings are 4-8 inches tall. Grown in pots, shipped in soil, pots removed.