Norway spruce, Picea abies Potted seedling 10-18 inches tall, Windbreak, Landscape, Bonsai, or Christmas Tree

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Norway spruce,  Picea abies Potted seedlings 10-18 inches tall, Windbreak,  Landscape, Bonsai, or Christmas Tree 

Norway spruce is a large, fast-growing long lived evergreen coniferous tree, up to 100 foot tall  and 25 foot wide at maturity.

Great as an specimen tree, privacy barrier, wind break or as a Christmas tree. It's dense branches, with deep green needles will easily block out neighbors, and wind. Plant in full sun in USDA Zones 2-8 in Northern States. It is the most disease resistant and cold hardy of any Spruce.

Norway spruce trees provide protection for wildlife. The tree is good winter cover for deer, small game and birds. Norway Spruce retains it's branches all the way to the ground, making it a poplar choice for windbreaks. It's sturdy branches are seldom damaged from heavy snow or ice storms. Deer resistant.

Likes acidic, loamy, moist, sandy or clay soils that are well-drained. Drought tolerant once established.

Trees comes with detailed planting, growing and care instructions...and you can call or email if you have additional questions.

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