E.H Wilson Silk Trees (Albizia julibrissin) 24" - 36" Tall - Cold Hardy Mimosa

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E.H Wilson Silk Trees (Albizia julibrissin) 24" to 36" Tall - Cold Hardy Mimosa Trees

Ships fully rooted in soil

This heat tolerant, ornamental and deciduous tree makes a great accent tree with its showy and fragrant pink flowers and delicate tropical foliage. The pink flowers on silk trees serve as an attractant to humming birds and butterflies. Silk trees prefer partial shade to full sun with well draining or moist soil. When mature, Silk trees can reach 30 foot tall and wide.  E.H. Wilson silk trees are more cold hardy than other varieties of silk trees and are hardy to -15 F. Hardy to USDA zones 5-10.

Silk trees can grow quickly and may be considered invasive in the warmer and more humid Southeastern United States. Silk trees are considered invasive in Florida and Tennessee, as such we will not ship silk trees to those states.

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