Marionberry Bare Root Canes and Potted Plants- The Most Flavorful Blackberry

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Marionberry Blackberry - The Most Flavorful Blackberry

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Marionberries account for more than half of all blackberries produced in Oregon.
Marionberries have the strongest flavor of any blackberry making it the preferred black berry for pies, ice cream, jellies, wine and sauces. High yields. The glossy large blackberries are produced on canes that can grow 20 feet long. Thus plant 6 - 8 feet apart. Grows in USDA Zones 6-9.

Bareroot Canes-

Large 2 Year Old Bare Root Canes -

These plants are huge dormant bare root 2 year old plants. This size you would see in a garden center in 2 gallons containers. They were originally 3+ foot tall, but have been pruned back to promote branching.

Will be pruned to 12-14 inches tall for shipping.

Available to be shipped after November 15 to April 1

Potted Plants

Pots removed for shipping. Available year round.

Shipped with leaves in Spring and Summer, and without leaves in Fall and Winter.

Price includes shipping.