Loganberry - Thornless - Potted Staked Plants

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Loganberry - Thornless- Potted Staked Plants.

Loganberry (Rubus loganobaccus) a  cross between red raspberry and blackberry.  Berries are, large with rich flavor and are good for fresh eating, juice, pies, wine, jams and jellies.  Ideal for the home garden. This self pollinating blackberry variety is sturdy and very disease  resistant. Heat-tolerant. Ripens over an extended period from from mid-summer until mid-autumn. Produces about 15 pounds berries per plant when mature..

Plant 4-6 feet apart in full sun to 1/2 day sun in fertile, loamy, well drained soil in USDA Zones 6-10. Canes will sprawl on the ground the first year and then should be tied to a fence, or trellis in the Spring of the second year when they will bear fruit.