Western Sword Ferns (Polystichum Munitum) - Large 3.5 inch potted plants

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Western Sword Fern, Polystichum munitum - Large 3.5 inch potted plants

Western sword ferns cover the floor of the forests of the West Coast and Northwestern U.S. They are vigorous, dependable, and virtually maintenance free. Adaptable to difficult soil and do well even in hot, dry weather. Have deep green fronds that are attractive all year. Like well-drained acidic organic soil, but will tolerate wet conditions during the winter months. Will grow up to 3 foot tall and spreads by rhizomes and spores. Once established, these perennial ferns will fill an area with lush green forest like appearance. Hardy in USDA Zone 5-8.

Western Sword Ferns make an excellent evergreen ground cover in shaded or partially shaded areas. Sword ferns are a very drought tolerant plant in the summer once established. Western Sword Ferns like moisture during the fall and winter months. Potted plants can be planted any time during the year. 
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