Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi) - Bonsai or Landscape- 18- 36 inches tall, dormant bare root plant. 3 year old trees.

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Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi) Dormant Bare Root -

18-36 inches tall.
3 year old trees with and abundance of low branches.

Available Feb- June 2024

Choose from...
24-30 inch trees.
30-40 inch trees.
36 inch trees pruned to 14 inches tall for pre bonsai.

Great as a bonsai or as a landscape plant. Native to Japan, this fast growing deciduous conifer can reach over 70 foot tall and 20 to 40 foot wide in maturity with a pyramidal canopy. Prefers full sun with moist well draining soil. Needles are bright green and turn bright yellow in the fall before dropping. Hardy to USDA zones 4-7.

If you are planning to plant in a container, we recommend our Potting Soil Mix For Any Plants That Require Well Drained Soil.

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