Hybrid Poplar Trees - 10 Easy to Root Cuttings - Shade - Windbreak - Firewood

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10 Easy to Root Cuttings

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Hybrid Poplar trees are very fast growing...will grow 8-15 feet tall in one year. A great tree for windbreaks, screens, or grow your own firewood. 10 easy to root 10-12 inch cuttings are shipped Priority Mail. Once you establish your trees, you can take your own cuttings each year and grow as many trees as you need. Hybrid Poplars will tolerate waterlogged and poor soil where other trees struggle. Will grow 50-80 foot tall and 50 foot wide in USDA zones 3-8. Cuttings are 10-12 inches long, and can be planted this length in the field or cut in half above a bud if planting in containers to yield double the number of trees.

Cuttings come dormant Plant right away, or place in your refrigerator up to a week before you plant. Best to stick in ground when the ground is not frozen and the weather is just starting to warm in the Spring above freezing.

You do not need a rooting hormone. Can be immediately planted by simply pushing cutting into moist soil so that all but one bud is covered. Or place cuttings in a bucket of water for several days, covering 2/3 of the cutting with water. When you see roots starting to form, plant and water in to settle soil around cutting. Cutting should be buried so that all but 1 bud is below ground level. Water to keep cutting moist until it is rooted (usually 3-4 weeks)...then water weekly. If leaves wilt, water, or in hot weather, provide partial shade until plant is rooted. If you have deer problems, spray new leaves with a deer repellent.

Keep your planting area mowed/weeded and watered. Installing a weed barrier is beneficial. Prune off all but the dominant stem after new growth is 3-6 inches long.


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