Honey Queen Raspberry - Potted Plants -Thrives in USDA zones 3 to 8 - Sweet, honey-flavored berries

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Honey Queen Raspberry (Rubus idaeus 'Honey Queen')

 Honey Queen is well-suited to cooler climates, thriving in USDA zones 3 to 8. It prefers well-drained, fertile soil. It will thrive in full sun and also is the best raspberry option for partial shade. Developed in Alberta, Canada, Honey Queen preforms well from Alaska to Maine, and the Northern half of the United States.

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1-2 year old Potted Plants- Available September 2025 for Fall Planting

6-8 Month Starter Plants- Available May 2025 for Spring Planting

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This cultivar is known for its sweet, honey-flavored berries, which are typically ready for harvest in mid to late summer. The Honey Queen Raspberry bears fruit on second-year canes (floricanes), with the canes dying after fruiting and new canes growing each year to replace them. 

Ideal for home gardens.  Regular pruning of dead canes after fruiting and thinning of new growth is essential for plant health and berry yield. This raspberry variety is also valued for its resistance to common raspberry pests and diseases.

Shipped dormant without leaves in fall and winter and with leaves in spring and summer.

1-2 year old Potted Plants ships on Monday or Tuesday UPS 3 Day Select. We can ship to all States. Free shipping to most areas. Additional Freight charge for AK, HI, US Territories, PO Boxes and remote areas where UPS charges a surcharge.

Starter plants ship USPS or UPS. 

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