Heritage Everbearing Raspberry Bare Root Plants - Large, Sweet & Firm

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Dormant Bare Root Heritage Raspberry Canes.

Ships Spring 2024 , please let us know when to ship.

Heritage has good size, dark red berries with good flavor. Great for fresh eating, freezing, canning, jams and jellies. A 1969 introduction from New York State, Heritage is strong, very vigorous and productive. This heirloom variety is recommended for home gardeners and for many years has been the standard by which everbearing varieties were judged. Easy to grow. Grows best in zones 4 - 8 with excellent winter hardiness. 

These plants bore fruit last year and will produce fruit in the Fall...and in the Spring and Fall of following years, depending on how plants are managed.

Plants come with detailed planting, growing and care instructions...and you can call or email if you have additional questions.

We ship to all states.

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Ships Spring 2023