Giant Sequoia Tree - Potted in 5" deep band pot- 12-18" tall

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Giant Sequoia Trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum)- Potted in 5" deep band pot- 12-18" tall

The largest trees in the world.  A fast growing evergreen tree that will grow 2 - 3 feet per year in ideal conditions.  Grows in USDA zones 6 - 8.  Likes full sun (at least 6 - 8 hours of direct sunlight).  Great for a specimen tree or as a buffer strip or wind break, planted 20 feet apart.  Likes an acidic, composty, well drained soil.  Likes moisture, but will not live in standing water or flooded areas.  It is not drought tolerant.  Great tree for wildlife shelter.

Needs a very well draining soil, especially in containers. We recommend our quick draining mix.

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