German Red Rocambole type hardneck Garlic

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German Red Rocambole type hardneck Garlic

A reliable mid-season heirloom Rocambole type hardneck Garlic. This full-bodied garlic is very hot and spicy and has easy-to-peel cloves. Eaten raw, this variety is one of the hottest tasting Rocamboles. Cooked, a rich garlicky flavor. Grows well in USDA zones 3-7  and zone 8 on the West Coast. Harvests Early  Summer and stores well into mid-Winter. Needs well drained soil. Does not like waterlogged soil. Adding organic matter or manure will increase yield.

Bulbs have a attractive white and purple  color with 8-10 cloves per bulb. Plant 6 inches apart. 1-2 inches deep.

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Garlic cannot be shipped  to Idaho, Nevada or Washington State.