FLAMINGO PINK STRAWBERRY- Better than Pineberries or Wild Strawberries - Spring/Summer Planting

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FLAMINGO PINK STRAWBERRY- - Better than Pineberries or Wild Strawberries. 

Tired of flavorless supermarket strawberries, the berries of the new ‘Flamingo’ strawberry have the aroma and juiciness of wild strawberries, and a longer shelf life.

This new pink strawberry is perfect for small scale growers who are in search of a niche in high end or farmers markets. Soon will be the favorite of home gardeners.

The Flamingo berries are the perfect size for shortcakes, snacking, jams, and freezing. Makes sweet strawberry milkshakes. Yields are excellent compared to wild strawberries and white pine berries.

The plants will yield ½ pound of berries per linear foot, favoring the matted row growing method. Space the plants 18” apart in a row and maintain aisles of 3-4’ between rows.  Allow new runners to grow 18” wide in the row to establish a solid mat of plants.  Grows in USDA zones 5-9.

Brilliant white flowers appear late in the spring, reducing the possibility of spring frost damage. Fruits begin to ripen in June and stretch over a four-week harvest period.  

The flavor of the Flamingo is its selling point. Its aroma is intense, and the high sugar content adds to its sweetness and juiciness. Patented variety, reproduction for sale prohibited. Royalty is included is sale price.