Fir Sawdust - Used when planting acid loving plants

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Fir sawdust is used as a soil addition and as a mulch on plantings.  Good for blueberry, hydrangea and other acid loving plants.

Mix 25% -30% into soil when planting, and mulch with 2-3 inches.

Available in 15 Oz., 10 Cups, 5 Quarts, and 3 Gallon volumes.

15 Oz. quantities are shipped First Class, all other quantities are shipped Priority Mail or UPS.

- Our 10 cup box will fill 1  1/3 trade gallon containers trade gallon containers.

- Our 5 Quart box will fill 2.5 trade gallon containers.

- Our 3 Gallon box  will fill 6 trade gallon containers.

- Our 6 Gallon box  will fill 12 trade gallon containers.