Elijah Blue Fescue Ornamental Grass - fully rooted live clumps

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Elijah Blue Fescue Ornamental Grass- Fully rooted live clumps. Grown in 2.5 inch pots, removed from pot and packed with water gel for shipping.

A low growing fine textured clumping blueish grey-green ornamental grass with a height of 6 - 8 " and 10" wide.
Grows easily in full sun in well drained soils in USDA zones 4 - 8. Tolerant to poor soils, drought and air pollution and is deer tolerant.

This variety is propagated from divisions and does not come true from seed.

For a mass ground cover, plant 8" - 10" apart.  Plant in front of leggy shrubs or tall perennials.  Also a great container plant.

Our potted fully rooted plants will grow faster then bareroot individual plants.  Grown in soil less mix, we can ship to all states. Shipped Free.