Dyna-Gro Organic Neem Seed Meal - Soil Amendment/ Topdress/ Compost Tea

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Dyna-Gro Organic Neem Seed Meal

100% Neem Seed Meal produced during the cold pressing extraction of neem oil from Indian neem tree seeds.

Available in 15 Oz., 5 Lb., 7 Lb., & 17 Lb. volumes. 15 Oz. packages are shipped First Class, all other packages are shipped Priority Mail. 

Mix into soil or potting mixes, use as a topdress, or make a foliar/compost tea. 

Application Rates:
Containers- Mix 1-3 oz of neem seed meal for each 
6" to 12" pot. 
Flower Beds- Mix 3-4 oz of neem seed meal per cu. ft. of soil less mix or soil.
Vegetable Gardens- 2 pounds of neem seed meal per 100 to 160 sq. ft.

Compost tea/ foliar tea:
Use 1/2 cup of neem seed meal, 1/4 cup kelp, and 1/2 cup cow manure...mix into 5 gallons of water and aerate for 24 hours, then spray onto foliage.

We buy the Dyna-Gro Neem Seed Meal in bulk and repackage to keep costs down.
Google "Benefits of Neem Seed Meal" to see all of the benefits of this valuable soil amendment.

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