Double Gold Raspberry- 2 year Bare Root Canes - Free Shipping - Excellent Flavor, Very Sweet

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Double Gold Raspberry Bare Root Canes -                Free Shipping - Excellent Flavor, Very Sweet

A 2012 release from Cornell University, Double Gold will produced 1 or 2 crops a year, depending on how it is managed. Berries are a rich rose-gold champagne color, darker than other yellow varieties. Berries are medium in size and conical. Plants are very vigorous and shows resistance to phytophthora root rot and common leaf diseases. Berries have excellent flavor and sweetness and in taste tests at our nursery, are preferred over other yellow varieties. Double Gold is self fertile and will produces berries the first year it is planted.  

Grows in USDA zone 5-8. Is ideal for home gardeners, U-Picks, Farmers Market and local commercial sales.

Plants comes with detailed planting, growing and care instructions...and you can call or email if you have additional questions. Plants were originally 5-6 foot tall, but will be pruned to 5 inches tall for proper planting height. This forces buds from the lower cane and roots which will produce more fruit.

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