Corokia Cotoneaster - Wire Netting Shrub - Eye Catching in Containers, bonsai or landscape

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Corokia Cotoneaster - Wire Netting Shrub 

Dark silver gray stems, tiny evergreen leaves  and tiny, daisy star shaped fragrant, bright yellow flowers in spring. followed by red or yellow berries.

Available June 2024

A New Zealand native that features intricate zigzagging branches. This small tree or shrub has more branches than leaves. Can grow as a low shrub 2 - 4' tall  and wide, or as tall as 6-8 foot tall and wide.

Usually considered as deer resistant and bird friendly.  This easy care plant is an excellent choice for containers, bonsai or the landscape, and sure conversation piece.  Also branches can be used as foliage in flower arrangements.

Plant in full sun to part shade in well draining soil. Do not over water. USDA Zones 8-10. Hardy to around 10 degrees.

Available as 1 year old potted rooted cuttings- 5-8 inches tall or wide and 2 year old potted plants -12-18 inches tall. Photos show examples of plant, plants shipped will be be of plant size specified, but not plant shown in photos.

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