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Caroline Ever Bearing Red Raspberry Rootstock

Rootstock ships Mid February to June 30 or until sold out. Let us know when you would like us to ship. Free Shipping

Caroline is a vigorous red ever bearing raspberry known for it’s exceptional sweet rich flavor, large size, and high yields. Caroline has the largest berries of all fall bearing varieties. It has better root rot and yellow rust resistance than Heritage, and ripens 2 weeks earlier than Heritage. Grows in USDA zones 4-9. Caroline grows even in the warm conditions of the south where the berries ripen as early as June. Good heat and humidity tolerance. Great for Farmers Market, Fruit Stand growers, and Backyard gardeners. Caroline ever bearing raspberry rootstock will produce berries this year if planted early.

You are buying roots. Rootstock produces more canes than bare root raspberry canes at less than half of the cost. This is the preferred method for raspberry farmers because of the lower cost and the ease of planting .

Starting raspberries from rootstock is the most economical way to start raspberry plants. All it takes is a little patience and remembering to water regularly. And since your rootstock is "Inspected" free of diseases and pests, your raspberry patch should last over 15 years with proper care. If your soil is too wet or cold to till, the raspberry roots can be planted in containers 1/2 inch deep to root out before they are planted in their permanent location. Place the containers in a sunny warm location. Usually in about 3-4 months after you planted the containers, they are ready to plant in the permanent garden area. One oz. of roots plants 4 containers.

You can expect 48-72 new canes to grow from 16 oz. of roots the first year. Second photo shows 8 ounces of rootstock. Third photo shows canes grown in 1st year from 8 ounces of roots. Canes will grow to 3+ foot tall the first year if properly cared for. They will bear fruit just as soon as if you planted bare root canes or pruned plants. Detailed planting/pruning/care instructions will come with rootstock.

These are not plants dug from someone's backyard, they are Inspected by the State of Washington to be free of disease and pests. Raspberry plants should produce for 15 or more years. This is why Universities recommend you don't risk wasting time on plants that are not inspected or certified. We ship to all states.

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