Bristol / Munger Black Raspberry Bare Root Canes - Huge 2 Year - Great Taste, High Production

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Bristol/Munger Black Raspberry Bare Root Canes

High producing, summer bearing, black raspberry plant. Called Bristol in the Eastern United States and Munger in the West. Berries are great for fresh eating or for jellies and jam. Berries are firm and glossy and medium to large in size, grows in clusters that are easy to pick. Hardy in USDA Zones 5-8. Bare root canes bears fruit one year after planting in midsummer with canes that grow vigorously and upright. Contains high levels of Nutraceuticals, a substance providing a healthy benefit to the human body!

These plants are huge dormant bare root 2 year old plants. This size you would see in a garden center in 1-2 gallons containers. They were originally 3+ foot tall, but have been pruned back to promote branching. 2nd photo shows 3 bare root canes, 3rd photo shows 6 canes.

Plants come with detailed planting, growing and care instructions...and you can call or email if you have additional questions.

1 quantity will be sent First Class Mail and 3, 6, quantity will be shipped Priority Mail.