Blue Pacific Shore Juniper - Landscape or Bonsai

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Juniperus conferta 'Blue Pacific'

Blue Pacific Shore Juniper grows flat against the ground and makes a excellent groundcover, in rock gardens, mass planting, specimen or container plant. Seldom gets over 1 foot tall. Great for planting on a slope for erosion control.  Is poplar for bonsai because of it's slow growth and weeping nature.

Plant near a wall so it can cascade over. Grows slowly to 4-5 foot wide. Needs very well draining soil. Water only when the top 2 inches of soil are completely dry. Prefers full sun and tolerates shade, sandy soils, and salt. Will not tolerate wet or waterlogged soil.

This low maintenance evergreen shrub has a soft dense blue-green foliage that is deer resistant. Also is very heat and drought tolerant.

If you are planning to plant in a container, we recommend our Potting Soil Mix For Any Plants That Require Well Drained Soil.