Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

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Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), native to the southeastern United States, is a fast-growing deciduous tree adaptable to various environments. It reaches heights of 40 to 100 feet, with a narrow, upright form, and has dark, deeply furrowed bark.

Bare root 3/8 inch caliper. Plants will be dug in February and shipped then.

Noted for its fragrant white flowers blooming in late spring, the Black Locust's flowers form in hanging clusters, attracting honey bees and other pollinators. Its leaves are compound, turning yellow in the fall.

The wood is hard, rot-resistant, ideal for outdoor uses, but its aggressive roots and suckers can be invasive. The tree has sharp thorns and toxic seeds.

It thrives in well-drained soils, tolerates drought and pollution, and is useful for reforestation and soil improvement due to nitrogen-fixing. When planting, consider its spreading tendency and environmental impact.

Cannot ship to MA and ME.