Bear’s Breeches Acanthus mollis- Potted Plants- large dark green foliage- 4ft flowers

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Potted Bear’s Breeches Acanthus mollis large dark green foliage -4ft tall flowers
You are buying rooted live plants. These are fully rooted plants in 3 1/2 inch pots. Ships in pots. Choose from 1, 2 or 4 plants

Acanthus mollis also known as bear’s breeches is for its attractive large glossy dark green foliage and  bold 3-5 foot flower spikes that resemble large snapdragon flowers.

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Foliage  is evergreen in warm winter climates, but plants lose their leaves if temperatures dip below 20 degrees F.  Winter hardy to USDA Zones 7-10, but can be grown in protected areas with mulch in USDA Zones 5 and 6. Can be invasive in warm, moist Southern climates, where it is best to grow in a large container or with root barriers like bamboo. Rarely a problem in northern parts of it's growing range
This is a great plant for a strong architectural accent and an eye-catching structural element in a part-shade border. Makes a great cut flower / dried flower and is deer resistant.

Slow to establish from seed, our 3 1/2 inch containers will quickly grow and flower.

Grown in soil less mix, we can ship to all states. Shipped Priority Mail.