Bald Cypress Tree (Taxodium distichum) 25" - 32" Tall

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Bald Cypress Tree 25" - 32" Tall. Ships fully rooted in a 5" deep band pot.
The Bald Cypress tree (Taxodium distichum) native from the Mississippi valley, along the Gulf coast, and from the Florida everglades to Maryland. Bald Cypress is the classic swamp tree of the South, but It also does  well as far north as Illinois and in the dry hills of Texas, growing in USDA zones 4-9. Plant in acidic soil that has good drainage but also retains moisture. Requires regular irrigation. Will grow in extremely wet soils where other trees fail. Makes a beautiful specimen tree along streets and in yards. Also an excellent bonsai subject.
The Bald Cypress tree  is a deciduous conifer. Trees will be sent with needles in Spring and Summer and without needles in Fall and Winter. Needles ranges from yellow-green in spring,  green in summer and  orangish-brown in the fall.    Grows in a pyramidal shape to 50-100 foot tall and 25 foot wide. Develops "cypress knees" only in wet conditions.