Massachusetts Kinnikinnick Starter plugs

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This listing is for gardeners who want to establish a  large area of Kinnikinnick at a lower cost. Plugs are 1 year rooted cuttings. Planted 1 ft apart, these small starter plants should fill the area in 2-3 years.

A spreading evergreen dark green ground cover growing 6" tall to 4 feet wide.  Also called Bearberry, Bilberry, Bears' Grape and Sand Berry. This native American plant was used as a medicinal herb by Native Americans.

This deer resistant and drought tolerant plant is also a great plant for erosion control. Prefers a well drained acidic soil. Plant 1.5 feet apart for a quick thick ground cover. Very cold hardy. Grows in full sun to full shade in USDA zones 3-8. Prefers a well drained soil. Plants benefit from a mulch of compost, wood chips or ground up leaves.