Apache Blackberry - Thornless - Great Flavor - Highest Yields - Potted Plants

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Apache Blackberry- 2 year potted plants.

Will be available in July

Erect thornless canes. Has the largest fruit of the thornless blackberry varieties. Ripens in mid to late June in Zones 5-9.  This new variety has great flavor, and very high yields.  Prefers well-drained, compost enriched, slightly acidic soil. Plant in full sun. Very disease resistant.

Plant every 5-6 foot apart. Canes are more erect than other thornless varieties and do not require a trellis or fence.  Grow without a trellis  and prune canes at 42 inches to encourage lateral shoot growth. Begins bearing fruit a year after planting. Requires 500 to 600 chill hours. Will do well in climates with warm summers and cool winters. Will not do well in coastal areas that do not have cool winters.

Potted plants produced from tissue culture for disease free starter plants. 5-9 inches tall
Pots may be removed for shipping.
Shipped with leaves in Spring and Summer, and without leaves in Fall and Winter.

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