Aged Medium Bark For Bonsai / Succulent / Cactus And Seed Starting Soil Mix

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Aged Medium Fir Bark - 1/2" minus, has not been screened and may contain some fines.

Used as a natural organic component in soil mixes...

For bonsai, succulent, cactus soil mixes... mix with compost, peat, pumice, perlite, and lava.

For seed starting mixes... mix with peat, perlite and fine pumice.

For hanging baskets and containers...mix with peat, perlite and 3/8-1/16 pumice.

15 Ounce quantities are shipped First Class, 10 cup and 5 quart quantities are shipped Priority Mail, 3 and 6 gallon are shipped UPS.

- Our 10 cup box will fill 1 1/3 trade gallon containers.
- Our 5 Quart box will fill 2.5 trade gallon containers.
- Our 3 Gallon box will fill 6 trade gallon containers.
- Our 6 Gallon box will fill 12 trade gallon containers.


Each order is hand packed and bagged with a reusable tie for easy storage after you have used part of the bag.  
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