Abies procera, Noble Fir Seedlings- Potted 1 Year, Potted 2 year, and 2 year Bare Root

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Abies procera,  Noble Fir - Free Shipping

A evergreen native of the Cascade Mountains and Coast Range from Washington to NW California. Growth is slow to medium, forming a symmetrical pyramid to narrow tree, growing up to 2 feet per year. Needles are blue green to medium green and are soft and very fragrant.

One of the most poplar Christmas trees in the West. Noble Fir likes cool dry summers, well drained soils and good air circulation that is generally found above 1000 foot elevation.  Will grow to 50-100 feet tall or taller in the wild. Noble fir wood is prized for it's quality and strength. Trees planted at lower elevations will usually only live for 10-12 years, enough time to grow a 6-12 foot Christmas tree. Does not like to grow in containers for long periods of time.
Hardy to USDA Zone 5.  Needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Noble fir seeds are a food source for birds and squirrels while providing cover and wind protection for wildlife.


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Available as...

1 year old potted trees rooted in soil - Plugs are 8-14 inches tall- Sold out until Fall 2024

2 year old potted trees rooted in soil in 5 inch X 2 3/8 inch pots - 10-14 inches tall.  Available late June- July 2024     

2 year field grown bare root trees - 10-18 inches tall - Thicker caliper trunk, larger root systems. Order for Spring 2024. Digging late February, weather dependent. Available late February- March 2025