2 Varieties Elderberry Plants - 2 Plants- Nova & York - Intensely Flavored Fruit - 12"-20" Tall

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You are buying two varieties of The American Black Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)

Nova Sambucus canadensis

York Sambucus canadensis 

These are 12"-20" tall plants, but may be pruned back to promote branching.. Ships rooted in soil in 2 separate pots.

 Elderberries have intensely flavored fruit with a rich aroma. .. are extremely hardy and are practically pest free. You will receive two varieties for better pollination. The berries are recognized by the USDA Database for Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods' as a super fruit. Berries also have high concentrations of vitamin C.  All parts of the plant contains toxic alkaloids. Berries should be cooked before eating which makes them safe to eat. Used in jams, preserves, pies,  syrups and wine. Attracts birds and butterflies.

 Nova and York will pollinate each other to insure abundant fruit...up to 30 pounds of berries for a mature plant.  Both varieties will grow to 6-12 foot tall. Likes full or 3/4 full sun.

 York Elderberries has large creamy white flowers and the largest berries of any elderberry. Sweet juicy, purple/black berries are great for jelly, juice, pie and wine. Will bear 2 - 3 years after planting. Grows in USDA zones 3 - 9. Colorful fall foliage.

 Nova Elderberries are a hardy and very productive bush that bear large, sweet purple/black fruit that is good for jams, jellies, pie and wine. Ripens earlier than York. Grows in USDA zones 3 - 9.

Shipped UPS or USPS.  Free Shipping to most locations.  Shipping these plants to PO Boxes, AK, HI, APO or US Territories may require a freight surcharge.