2 Fully Rooted Horseradish Plants - Faster Growing Than Bare Root - The Hottest

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Two well established Fully Rooted Potted Tulelake Horseradish Plants-  Easy to Grow -- The Hottest!  Ships in two - 5 inch deep pots...this is not bare root crowns. Will grow much quicker than bare root crowns. This variety is preferred by major horseradish growers because of it's superior flavor.

 (Armoracia rusticana, syn. Cochlearia armoracia)  A perennial member of the Brassicaceae family.  Cultivated for its large white tapered root that is grated and mixed with vinegar for the hottest horseradish sauce. 

Grows to about 5 ft tall. Selected for it's large size, vigor and productivity of large roots. Easy to grow, this plant will last a lifetime without replanting! Grows in USDA zones 2-9.

Plants come with detailed planting, growing and care instructions...and you can call or email if you have additional questions.

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