Horseradish Growing and Care Instructions

Horseradish is a cold hardy perennial that thrives in areas where the winter gets cold enough so that the plants go dormant.

PLANTING:   Space crowns/plants at least 20" - 30" apart, or 3-4 feet from other plants.

Choose a site in full sun or part sun.  Any soil that is well drained works, but avoid areas with waterlogged conditions.  Choose an area where it will not be disturbed once planted.  Mix in a lot of compost to 12-18 inches or deeper.  Water once a week during dry times and mulch with several inches of bark chips or compost to conserve moisture.

Crown should be planted 3 - 5 inches deep.  Set the crown at a 45 degree angle with the top of the crown at or slightly above soil level and cover the bottom portion of the crown.  Make sure not to plant the crown upside down.

Do not till the area where you have horseradish growing or place horseradish roots in a compost pile or you risk spreading horseradish every where the compost is spread.

Growing Horseradish in Containers:   A word of warning...horseradish can be somewhat invasive.  When you dig the roots, any roots left in the ground will sprout in the spring.  For this reason, some people grow horseradish in containers.  A 5 gallon size or larger deep pot is ideal.  Remember, horseradish is a heavy feeder, so fertilize with a low salt fertilizer meant for containers or use organic fertilizer.  Regular chemical fertilizers will burn your plant.

If you live in warmer winter areas where the horseradish plants can't go dormant, I have heard of people growing horseradish in containers and placing the containers in a chest freezer for a month or so.  It will work.

Harvesting:   After the frost had killed the foliage, dig up the roots and remove any small side roots.  Scrub the root with water and dry well.  Put in a plastic bag and store in refrigerator vegetable bin.  Can be stored 2 - 3 months. Can be grated to make horseradish sauce whenever you need it, or cooked as a root vegetable. Only the grated horseradish will be hot.

Horseradish crowns can be stored in a moist cool place until planted.  Placed in a bucket of good moist garden soil is ideal. Cover roots, but leave crown tops exposed.  Store at 26 - 40 degrees.


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