Coast Redwood Growing Instructions

Coast Redwood Growing Instructions


Coast Redwood trees are one of the tallest trees on earth, growing 75 - 350 foot tall and 25 - 75 foot wide.  So, do not plant close to buildings.

Likes moist composty soils. Best in full to part sun in USDA zones 7 - 9. If your soil is above 6.5 pH add peat moss to the soil when planting ... otherwise just add compost, up to 30% of soil volume.

Water so that soil does not dry out. Coast redwoods can withstand short periods of time in standing water, but over 2 weeks can be harmful. After the tree is well established, and the tree is over 10 foot tall, watering can be reduced to only in periods of drought.  Fertilize until the tree is well established with any balanced fertilizer.

Do not plant these seedlings outside if your weather temperatures are projected to be under 26 degrees or the needles may burn ... or cover the trees if your temperatures drop below 26 degrees.  After the tree has  rooted  out it will be cold hardy.  IF YOUR GROUND IS FROZEN, OR THE TEMPERATURES  ARE TOO COLD TO PLANT OUTSDIE, keep tree in a cool well lit area until you can plant.







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