Bareroot Trees Planting Instructions

Bareroot Trees Planting Instructions


These bareroot trees are sent to you dormant.  If roots look dry, soak in water for one hour before you plant, if trees are wet, just plant without soaking.


Dormant bare root trees can be planted whenever your soil is not frozen. These are not house plants, PLANT OUTSIDE. They are very cold tolerant.  If your soil is frozen, place trees in a pot of moist soil and store in a cool / cold area out of the wind. Trees with leaves should not be planted until your nighttime temperatures are over 28 degrees.


When you plant, dig the hold wider, but not deeper than the roots of the tree. Plant in well draining soil.  Mix in 20% compost.  Put the tree in the hole and water it in well to settle the soil around the roots of the tree. Do not bury trees any deeper than it was planted in the field.


If you have a deer problem, spray new growth with Plantskydd®  deer repellant.  For quick growth, water and fertilize more than normal the first 1 to 2 years to get rapid growth.

 If your temperatures are over 70 degrees: water daily until tree has fully rooted out in the ground, this may take a full growing season.