Purple Passion Asparagus Crowns - Sweeter Than Green Asparagus

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Purple Passion Asparagus... Sweeter Than Green Asparagus.

Look at the size of our large crowns...size matters! East coast and Mid West grown crowns are half the size.

Purple Passion has a sweet, mild, nutty flavor with up to 20% more sugar than green asparagus. Large purple spears turn green when cooked. Has less woody fiber so spears are less stringy. Very cold hardy and heat tolerant.

Orders come with our Asparagus growing guide to get your asparagus bed ready.

If properly maintained, this perennial will last for many years. Plant once and enjoy for 15-25 years. Rich in Vitamin B and C, calcium and iron... asparagus will provide you with the first vegetable of the season. And, fresh picked asparagus spears taste better and are more tender than store bought spears! Asparagus is very versatile, it can be used in salads, as a cooked vegetable, grilled, steamed, in stir fry, in sandwiches, canned, frozen and pickled. Plant at least 10 crowns for each member of your family that likes asparagus. Asparagus will thrive in all areas of the US except in the wet mild regions of Florida and the Gulf Coast. Anywhere the temperature freezes in USDA Zones 3-9 is ideal. Asparagus should be planted in an area where it can be left undisturbed for years. This could be a large field, a north edge of a garden, or part of an edible landscape. It is a beautiful plant with a soft texture, so it can be planted with other ornamental plants.

Price includes Free Shipping: 5 and 10 Crowns Shipped First Class, 20+ shipped Priority Mail

Scenic Hill Farm is a licensed Oregon Nursery. We ship asparagus crowns to all States where asparagus can be grown in USDA Zones 3-9.